Wednesday, July 04, 2012

What's good for the goose

Fifty shades of grey continues in it's request for global domination ( or at least domination of our office) as at least another three people ( girls unsurprisingly) have started reading it.

It now seems to be rarer to find a girls desk without a copy rather then with one.

Of course some of the guys are now darkly muttering ( in that we're going to moan and whine about it but not really do anything about it at all way) about double standards as they wanted to know if it would be acceptable if they sat there reading a copy of nuts or zoo at their desk as the girls can get away with reading this series of books.

But you can't help but admit the author is rather lucky as she's now earning something like a million pounds a day.

Nice work if you can get it.

Still at least moaning about literature ( wait I shouldn't really say literature as that would mean I'm classifying zoo and nuts as reading material as opposed to the picture books they actually are) keeps are minds of the weather.

It's warm and muggy and it's wet. Because it's raining, a lot. The news have said we're supposed to get about two months worth of rain in the next two days or something stupid like that.

Meanwhile the people who suggested the hose pipe bans earlier in the year are simply sitting back and probably declaring
" Well we got that wrong didn't we?"

Later folks

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