Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Shades of grey

One of the girls at work today was talking about the Fifty shades of grey series and about how her local library had no copies left as they were all currently booked out.

She asked if anyone knew of a library that would likely still have a copy.

Everybody thought deeply and I suddenly realised there was a obivous answer.

" Salt Lake City"  I advised her before realising that nobody outside of the church would get probably that joke.

Yes along with what seems like a fair chunk of the rest of the female population a fair number of the girls at work are rapidly becoming obessed with the Fifty Shades of grey series.

Why? Well I guess that would be something you would have to ask someone who has actually read the darn things. Althought the best summing up I heard of the whole series occured when I was in waterstones and I heard a customer ask a staff member what she knew about the books. The staff member's response was as direct as it was helpful.

" It's a series of naughty books that are badly written but everyone is reading for some reason"

Still Ab from my team at work helpfully pointed out that the books could still have their uses even for me, as despite having it for over a month now only one person at church has noticed my new car and even then they asked if Grumpy had decided to upgrade! Her suggestion was to leave a copy of the back window shelf and she was sure that, people would then certainly notice the car without fail.

I pointed out the small flaw in the plan about then having to explain what I was doing with the book to begin with. Her response was to point out she never said it was a perfect plan but at least they would have noticed the car.

Of course one of the guys happened to point that if the series had been aimed at men, he was sure that there would be outcry about how this was degrading to women.

Ab simply replied that yes of course it would have been, but it was aimed at women so "jobs a good un".


Later folks

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