Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just give them enough time

I am have been finding it really rather annoying on facebook at the moment with what seems like endless frothing of the mouth of the new uk government.

That and the desperate attempts to prove now those gosh darned tories are the majority they will be doing evil despicable things, with out any cute minions or much of a plan.

And they've managed to do all these evil things in just five days apparently. So what will the next five years be like? Because after all it states this on facebook so it must be true.

For example, there's that evil plan that someone has linked to that shows the Tories are going to end council tenancies for life and according to the new report they are planning to do this very soon in..... 2010.

Wait a second...............

And lets not forget the plan they are looking at to make the school day nine hours long. And as the news report says they are looking at this for their 2015 election manifest when the report was first published in January 2014.

Hang on......

Then there's that righteous indignation about the delivery man pictured outside of number 11 downing street with a whole trolley full of expensive champagne that the tories ordered to show we really ain't in the together

back in 2004 when labour was in power....

Okay so the only thing I have learned from all of this is that it's possible to get really filled full of righteous indignation really easily.

and secondly people are really impatient.

They've been in power a week. People. A week. They have stopped patting each other on the back yet.

Give them time.

Their politicians after all.

Some decision will be made by them soon enough that is so stupid it annoys all of us ;-)

give them time ;-)

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